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"Real Marriage" by Mark and Grace Driscoll

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From what I can tell, Dillow says that things could be about oral sex, not that things are about oral sex.
Whereas Driscoll takes it, runs with it, and says that it not only is about oral sex, but that there is an underlying command for the activity from God.

There is a huge difference between could maybe be and definitly is. It appears that Driscoll boldly crosses a line that Dillow doesn't. Therefore, I respect Dillow's perhap and...


at Driscoll's must be.

If Mr. Dillow's wife, Linda, is the author of a book "Intimate Issues" that was being studied by a group that I was a part of for a bit, I am completely suspicious of his ideas and their possible effects, whether he knows the Hebrew language or not or has degree credentials behind his name.    I would refer people to Celestia and Steven Tracey for marriage ideas.  They are the authors of a CBE article "Patriarchy Rape and Heroism" , "Lessons from the Congo".  I don't know if the Traceys know the Hebrew language or not, but they have insight into contexts of abuse and 'more sex and more variety' isn't the solution in those contexts.....distance is. 

Do you care to elaborate concerning your suspicions?

If not here, elsewhere?


     I guess I can explain a little of where I'm coming from.  I'm familiar with the book by Linda Dillow although I did get rid of the book.  She played up the emphasis on sex without giving time or thought to abuse issues (as best I can recall without having the book any longer)....and, as best I can remember , without giving time or thought to other 'love languages'.  The study group was very ill-fitting for me at the it was overall a negative experience.     Later, in reading an online article by Steven Tracey (U of Phoenix , theology and ethics)

he referenced material by Linda Dillow which helped to explain my negative experience.   I  wonder if Linda Dillow is Dr. Dillow's wife and wonder if he influenced her views of navigating the marriage relationship?  From my experience and Steven Tracey's article referencing Linda Dillow's views on submission and human sexuality, I would not recommend her work.  How much should that informed suspicion apply to her husband, if Dr. Dillow does fill that role in her life? I don't know if they are related.


The unconditional requirement of ANY sex in marriage is mutuality, per 1 Cor 7.  The model Paul gives is the wife controlling with authority the husband's body and vice versa. NOTHING happens sexually unless BOTH want it to happen and there is no fudging of this principle.


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